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Supplementary Materials

This PDF file includes:

  • Characterization of the WS2 triangles
  • PL spectroscopy at low temperature
  • Density functional calculations of gas adsorption and WS3 vacancy
  • fig. S1. Details on the characterization of the WS2 monolayer.
  • fig. S2. The decomposition of the PL spectra.
  • fig. S3. PL images at low temperature.
  • fig. S4. Temperature-dependent PL for the interior and edge regions.
  • fig. S5. Band structure of a 5 × 5 WS2 supercell with an N2 or O2 molecule adsorbed on the surface at a sulfur vacancy site.
  • fig. S6. Band structure of a WS3 vacancy within a 5 × 5 supercell.

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