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  • fig. S1. Example of a station-pair differential attenuation measurement using amplitude and phase spectra.
  • fig. S2. Example of an attenuated S wave recorded across the OBS array, with amplitude and phase spectra computed as a function of age.
  • fig. S3. S-wave attenuation measurements for the event shown in fig. S2.
  • fig. S4. S-wave ray paths and attenuation for a southern JdF transect.
  • fig. S5. Best-fitting attenuation frequency exponent (α).
  • fig. S6. S-wave attenuation for across the array, including results on land.
  • fig. S7. Differential attenuation and travel time for P waves as a function of age.
  • fig. S8. Trends of Δt*S versus Δt*p and δTs versus δTp .
  • fig. S9. Example of absolute S-wave amplitudes to test long-period focusing.
  • table S1. Forward models for differential attenuation and travel time at an MOR using anelastic scaling relationships from Jackson and Faul (16).
  • References (62–69)

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