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  • fig. S1. AFM height and phase images of neat annealed PBTTT and F4TCNQ vapor-doped films at 5 and 10 min.
  • fig. S2. Absorption spectra showing the NIR regime for doped PBTTT films and the thermal stability of F2TCNQ-doped films.
  • fig. S3. Additional UV-vis-NIR spectra of F4TCNQ vapor-doped films relative to a neat film.
  • fig. S4. Williamson-Hall plot for neat (black circle) and F4TCNQ vapor-doped film.
  • fig. S5. In-plane scattering profiles of as-cast neat and doped films.
  • fig. S6. Thin-film thickness profile of neat and vapor-doped PBTTT:F4TCNQ film.
  • fig. S7. Representative 2D RSoXS images for neat PBTTT, F4TCNQ vapor-doped, and F4TCNQ solution-doped thin films (all thermally annealed).
  • fig. S8. Lorentz-corrected scattering profiles of neat PBTTT for different annealing temperatures.
  • fig. S9. Schematic of the geometry of the contacts for electronic conductivity and Seebeck measurements on thin films of doped polymers.
  • table S1. X-ray reflection peaks of annealed PBTTT thin films from GIWAXS.
  • table S2. X-ray reflection peaks of as-cast PBTTT thin films from GIWAXS.
  • table S3. Summary of OCLs for doped films.

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