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  • fig. S1. Dendritic morphology of lwDRN 5-HT neurons shows no difference between WT and 15q dup mice.
  • fig. S2. Cell densities of inhibitory neurons are unchanged in 15q dup mice.
  • fig. S3. The number of symmetry synapses is decreased in the S1BF of 15q dup mice.
  • fig. S4. The paired-pulse ratio of inhibitory transmissions in S1BF L2/3 pyramidal neurons is not changed in 15q dup mice.
  • fig. S5. 15q dup S1BF have differential expression of GABAA receptor subunits.
  • fig. S6. 15q dup mice have decreased dendritic length of S1BF L2/3 pyramidal neurons.
  • fig. S7. Profiling of 5-HT receptor expression in 15q dup brain.
  • fig. S8. Acute 5-HT application enhances inhibitory transmission and suppresses excitability of S1BF L2/3 pyramidal neurons in 15q dup mice.
  • table S1. Properties of action potentials of 5-HT neurons in DRN.
  • table S2. Firing properties of L2/3 regular spiking neurons in vivo.
  • table S3. Statistical results.
  • Supplementary Methods
  • References (44, 45)

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