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  • section S1. Synthesis of Ti0.87O20.52−, Ca2Nb3O10, GO, and rGO nanosheets
  • section S2. Characterizations of nanosheet films
  • section S3. Derivation of the dependence of the absorbance on the concentration and rotation speed
  • fig. S1. Schematic representation for 2D materials used in this study.
  • fig. S2. Photograph and SEM images of the Si substrate (30 mmφ) after spin coating the DMSO suspension of large-size Ti0.87O20.52−.
  • fig. S3. SEM images of monolayer films of large-size Ti0.87O20.52− nanosheets on various substrates.
  • fig. S4. AFM images of monolayer films.
  • fig. S5. Photographs of the spin-coating process.
  • fig. S6. The schematic of the optical path to calculate the nanosheet suspension thickness.
  • fig. S7. Contact angle of a water droplet on the monolayer film of large-size Ti0.87O20.52− nanosheets upon exposure to UV light.
  • fig. S8. XRD data of SrTiO3 film grown on the monolayer film of large-size Ti0.87O20.52− nanosheets.
  • fig. S9. XRD patterns of dried samples of GO and rGO.
  • References (33, 34)

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