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  • fig. S1. Read coverage map of reference strain RCC4221 per chromosome for each strain.
  • fig. S2. Size distribution of chromosomes 2 and 19 in 13 O. tauri strains.
  • fig. S3. Phylogeny of the 2.5-kb repeat of chromosome 19’s syntenic block A.
  • fig. S4. Growth rates of 13 strains with 95% confidence interval at 14° and 20°C.
  • fig. S5. Sampling area and sampling sites of water samples used to isolate the 13 strains of O. tauri.
  • fig. S6. Dotplot of chromosome 19 between RCC1115 and RCC1559, RCC4221, RCC1108, and RCC1123.
  • fig. S7. Venn diagram depicting the number of shared or specific polymorphic sites called by each calling method.
  • fig. S8. Large (>100 bp) indel read mapping features.
  • fig. S9. Phylogenetic distance tree of 13 O. tauri strains based on 117,600 biallelic SNPs.
  • table S1. Read mapping and polymorphism statistics for each strain.
  • table S2. Nucleotide diversity and number of segregating and nonsegregating sites for five types of polymorphisms (synonymous, fourfold degenerate, nonsynonymous, intergenic, and intronic).
  • table S3. Fitting the models to the site frequency spectrum on fourfold degenerate sites.
  • table S4. Analysis of gene content of predicted and validated insertions using sequence homology (blastx).
  • table S5. Functional description of 10 predicted and validated deletions.
  • table S6. Viral susceptibility and resistance spectrum of O. tauri strains and a collection of 32 prasinoviruses.
  • table S7. Geographic origin and sampling date of the 13 O. tauri strains.
  • table S8. Variants, SNPs, and indel polymorphisms for each calling method.
  • table S9. Features of the four resequenced regions.
  • table S10. SNP calling validation for GATK UG, GENO, and HC by Sanger resequencing.
  • table S11. Insertion detection steps.
  • table S12. Insertion assembly steps.
  • table S13. Deletion detection steps.
  • table S14. Position and validation status of 18 predicted insertions.
  • table S15. Position and validation status of 12 predicted deletions (>500 bp).
  • table S16. Pairwise growth rates by Tukey test between strains at 20° and 14°C.
  • References (70–74)

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