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  • text S1. A proton pumping mechanism proposed for bacterial CcOs.
  • text S2. Comparisons of the proton pump mechanism of CcO proposed by x-ray structure analyses with the proton pump mechanism proposed on the basis of charge and proton translocation analyses.
  • text S3. Time-resolved IR analyses in the single crystalline state.
  • fig. S1. CO ligand dynamics initiated upon CO photolysis of CcO in the crystalline phase at 4°C.
  • fig. S2. Time-resolved visible absorption difference spectra of the heme in CcO 50 μs after CO photolysis in the crystalline phase at 4°C with various pump energies.
  • table S1. The peak height of CO molecule at O2 reduction site.
  • table S2. Structural comparison for heme a3 and CuB.
  • table S3. Statistics of intensity data collection and structure refinement.
  • table S4. Averaged B-factors of the residues from V380 to G384.
  • References (3545)

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