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  • section S1. Micro-TDTR analysis
  • section S2. Hole dimensions
  • section S3. Side wall verticality
  • section S4. Disorder dependence of thermal conductivity
  • section S5. FEM simulations
  • section S6. Monte Carlo simulations
  • section S7. Calculation of the cutoff frequency for heat flux reduction calculation
  • fig. S1. Measurement method.
  • fig. S2. Hole dimension.
  • fig. S3. Tilted SEM image of a hole on the side of a membrane.
  • fig. S4. Thermal conductivities with varying disorder.
  • fig. S5. FEM simulations.
  • fig. S6. 2D Monte Carlo map.
  • fig. S7. Monte Carlo simulation of 1D and 2D disordered structures.
  • fig. S8. Energy transmission.
  • fig. S9. Energy density spectra.
  • fig. S10. Phonon dispersion and heat flux spectra.
  • fig. S11. Theoretical model: Impact of the specularity parameter.
  • fig. S12. Theoretical model: Impact of the temperature increase.
  • table S1. Ranges of hole dimensions for different set of 1D phononic crystals.
  • References (40–52)

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