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  • fig. S1. Bandgap tuning via size effects and halide compositional stoichiometry in npSi and npAAO.
  • fig. S2. PL of native npSi and MAPbI3 nanocrystals in npSi.
  • fig. S3. Fine-tuning of the bandgap in npSi via variation of pore size.
  • fig. S4. Time-resolved PL lifetime.
  • fig. S5. Structural characterization of MAPbBr3 nanocrystals in npAAO.
  • fig. S6. Wide-angle x-ray scattering (WAXS) study of MAPbI3 nanocrystals in 30–mA cm−2 npSi: Experiment and data analysis.
  • fig. S7. WAXS study of MAPbI3 nanocrystals in 15–mA cm−2 npSi and 25–mA cm−2 npSi.
  • fig. S8. Pore size estimation by Porod analysis of SAXS data of 15–mA cm−2 npSi.
  • fig. S9. Surface SEM of npAAO on compact TiO2.
  • References (63–67)

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