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  • fig. S1. Optical microscopy images of wood fibers produced using p-TsOH fractionation under low-severity conditions (fiber lignin content, 16%), followed by mechanical refining to 550-ml Canadian Standard Freeness.
  • fig. S2. GPC-measured molecular weight distribution of LNPs from fractionation of Wiley-milled poplar NE222 using p-TsOH under three different conditions.
  • fig. S3. Catalysis of carbohydrate hydrolysis and lignin degradation by p-TsOH.
  • table S1. Duplicate fractionation runs under six sets of conditions to demonstrate the repeatability of p-TsOH fractionation experiments.
  • table S2. Comparisons of chemical compositions of fractionated poplar NE222 WISs between the first cycle using fresh p-TsOH solution and the recycle run using spent p-TsOH acid liquor.

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