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  • fig. S1. Biplot for the principal component analysis of short-beaked common dolphin (D. delphis) δ15N values.
  • fig. S2. The δ15N values of individual amino acids in skin samples of D. delphis: trophic amino acids are those amino acids strongly enriched in 15N (blue), and source amino acids refer to those amino acids with low isotopic fractionation (green).
  • fig. S3. Correlation matrix among oceanographic variables.
  • table S1. Summary of WAIC (widely applicable information criterion) scores for food web length at a 6-month lag using hierarchical Bayesian models.
  • table S2. Mean δ15N values of bulk skin tissue samples and individual amino acids (for abbreviations, see description in amino acid stable isotope analysis) from D. delphis collected in the SCB.
  • References (66–76)

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