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  • fig. S1. Commensal disease progression model featuring pneumococcal disease.
  • fig. S2. The LEPS platform.
  • fig. S3. LEPS characterization.
  • fig. S4. Protective capabilities of LEPS immunizations when challenged with serotypes that span the current Prevnar 7 and Prevnar 13 treatment options.
  • fig. S5. LEPS vaccine strategy in rabbits.
  • fig. S6. OPA assay for GlpO and PncO directed against specific S. pneumoniae cell types.
  • fig. S7. Evaluation of immunogenicity of GlpO and PncO administered either jointly (coadministration) or as a booster (add-on) with Prevnar 7.
  • fig. S8. Additional assessment of LEPS20/PncO and GlpO when using a murine IAV-induced pneumonia model with serotype 19F.
  • fig. S9. Additional murine disease model assessment of LEPS20/PncO and GlpO.
  • fig. S10. Alternative LEPS formulation procedures and comparison in murine challenge protection assays.
  • table S1. OPA comparison between Prevnar 13, Pneumovax 23, and a LEPS formulation containing 20 polysaccharides (that is, 20 valent).
  • table S2. OPA comparison between Prevnar 13, Pneumovax 23, and the PncO + GlpO protein antigens (administered with alum adjuvant).
  • table S3. GlpO and PncO summary.

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