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  • section S1. Single-crystal monolayer CVD graphene
  • section S2. Electrochemical cleaning of graphene: Basic principle
  • section S3. Noise characterizations
  • section S4. SNR in conventional operated GFETs
  • section S5. pPNA-DNA hybridization: 1-base mismatched
  • fig. S1. High-quality single-crystal CVD graphene.
  • fig. S2. Schematic presentation of in situ electrochemical cleaning of an electrolyte-gated GFET device.
  • fig. S3. Electronic noise characterization for graphene on SiO2/Si substrate.
  • fig. S4. Electronic noise characterization for graphene on Si3N4/Si and sapphire substrates.
  • fig. S5. SNR in conventional operated GFET devices.
  • fig. S6. No obvious changes in If of the graphene biosensor versus time upon the introduction of 10 pM 1-base–mismatched ssDNA in 1 mM PBS solution.
  • References (34–36)

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