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Supplementary Materials

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  • Supplementary Materials and Methods
  • fig. S1. Performance of FAI-coated and control devices.
  • fig. S2. Light absorption following FAI posttreatment.
  • fig. S3. Comparison of EQE with AX posttreatment.
  • fig. S4. Reproducibility of FAI-coated CsPbI3 QD device performance.
  • fig. S5. XPS spectroscopy.
  • fig. S6. FTIR spectra of CsPbI3 QDs.
  • fig. S7. Crystal structure of CsPbI3 QDs.
  • fig. S8. CsPbI3 QD film morphology.
  • fig. S9. Comparison of terahertz μs × τ product.
  • fig. S10. PL lifetime of CsPbI3.
  • Reference (34)

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