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  • fig. S1. General illustration of the use of M and W nomenclature to represent methylated bases in a DNA sequence.
  • fig. S2. Methyl-Spec-seq ePWMs.
  • fig. S3. Replicates of FAM and TAMRA anisotropy signals that were used to calculate the effect of mC on the relative binding specificity of ZFP57.
  • fig. S4. The relative binding energies of all 64 variants (AP1 libraries) with different methylation profiles, ranked from the strongest (lowest energy) to the weakest binder of the unmethylated library.
  • fig. S5. Replicate experiments with HOXB13.
  • fig. S6. EMSA sample images for mouse ZFP57 (F1 to F3) and CTCF (F1 to F9).
  • fig. S7. EMSA sample images for Gli1, JunB/BATF, and HOXB13.
  • fig. S8. Schematic maps of plasmids used for cloning and expression of proteins.
  • text S1. DNA oligo sequences for primers and libraries.
  • text S2. Instructions for software use.

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