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  • Supplementary Text
  • fig. S1. Theoretical Δ30 values at isotopic equilibrium (Δ30,equil) as a function of temperature, from Wang et al. (7).
  • fig. S2. Analytical tests of Δ30 accuracy.
  • fig. S3. Changes in visible emission properties during electrolysis experiments.
  • fig. S4. Modeled gross rates of bond-breaking (black symbols) and bond-making (red symbols) reactions in the electrolysis experiments.
  • table S1. Isotopic data for air samples and heated gases.
  • table S2. Isotopic data for biological experiments.
  • table S3. Data for electrolysis experiments.
  • table S4. Reactions used in the model of the electrolysis experiments.
  • table S5. Data for volcanic N2 samples and end members used to derive mixing fractions fRS and fmantle.
  • table S6. Results from diffusion experiment for verifying instrumental accuracy.
  • References (47–73)

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