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  • section S1. AFM images of Cu(tCu)Pt (0.4)/YIG(10)/GGG(111)
  • section S2. Magnetic properties of the YIG films
  • section S3. SMR in Pt/YIG
  • section S4. SMR and AFM image of Au/YIG
  • section S5. First-principles calculations
  • section S6. Boltzmann simulations
  • fig. S1. AFM images of Cu(tCu)Pt(0.4)/YIG(10)/GGG (111).
  • fig. S2. FMR of the YIG films.
  • fig. S3. SMR in Pt/YIG.
  • fig. S4. SMR and AFM image of Au/YIG.
  • fig. S5. The band structures of Cu, Au/Cu/Au, and Pt/Cu/Pt.
  • fig. S6. The spin textures of outer and inner bands.
  • fig. S7. The Rashba splitting in Cu/Pt/Cu.
  • fig. S8. Specular and diffusive interface scattering in the NM/FI bilayer.
  • fig. S9. AFM image of Ag(0.7)/YIG and MR of Cu(3)Ag(0.7)/YIG.
  • References (35–51)

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