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  • Supplementary Notes
  • section S1. Physical vapor deposition of tetracene
  • section S2. AFM
  • section S3. Microreflection microscopy
  • section S4. Factors that limits the spatial precision of TAM imaging
  • section S5. Thickness-dependent energy transfer from Tc to WS2
  • fig. S1. Absorption and PL spectrum of Tc film and 1L-WS2.
  • fig. S2. AFM line profile of the Tc film thickness.
  • fig. S3. PLE measurements.
  • fig. S4. Excitation intensity–dependent measurements of PL dynamics of CT exciton emission.
  • fig. S5. Identification of numbers of WS2 layers using PL spectroscopy.
  • fig. S6. TAM dynamics of 4L to 7L WS2 before and after Tc deposition.
  • fig. S7. Energy transfer from Tc to WS2 measured with TAM (3.1-eV pump and 2.0-eV probe).
  • fig. S8. Schematics of the TAM setup.
  • fig. S9. CT exciton population profile fitted with a single Gaussian function and a sum of two Gaussian functions.
  • fig. S10. Transient absorption dynamics of a 1L-WS2/Tc heterostructure measured at different pump fluences.
  • fig. S11. TAM of CT exciton diffusion measured at 10.0 μJ cm−2.
  • fig. S12. TAM of CT exciton diffusion measured at 20.6 μJ cm−2.

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