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This PDF file includes:

  • section S1. cis-DOCO isotope shift and spectral parameters
  • section S2. k1a,sum fitting
  • section S3. Theoretical calculations for OD + CO
  • section S4. k1 for OD + CO as a function of N2
  • table S1. Experimental spectral features for cis-DO12CO and cis-DO13CO and their rovibrational assignments.
  • table S2. Summary of spectral parameters for cis-DO12CO and cis-DO13CO.
  • table S3. Comparison of experimental and theoretical isotopic shifts for cis-DOCO.
  • table S4. Summary of statistical and systematic errors for k1a,sum.
  • table S5. Summary of fitted rate coefficients.
  • fig. S1. Variation of rloss,sum with O3 concentration.
  • fig. S2. Variation of k1a,sum with D2 concentration.
  • fig. S3. Calculated cis/trans isomerization rates for DOCO isomers using SCTST and 2D master equations.
  • fig. S4. Measured k1 comparison with previous works.

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