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  • fig. S1. Silicon three-isotope plot comparing 62 X grains found on the three gold mounts to the 20 X grains and two ungrouped grains chosen for Ti-V isotope analysis in this study.
  • fig. S2.R2 for the correlation between the δ49Ti* and δ30Si values of X grains versus the 49Ti/50Ti production ratios in the He/C zone showing that the smaller the production ratio, the lower the R2 value.
  • fig. S3. The same as Fig. 3 but with δ49Ti* calculated by adopting a 49Ti/50Ti production ratio of 0.50 instead of 1.04.
  • fig. S4. δ49Ti (upper panel) and 51V/48Ti (lower panel) versus NanoSIMS analysis cycle showing the inclusion of a Ti- and V-rich subgrain (gray region) within X grain M1-A8-G138, which had enhanced V/Ti ratios but no concomitant increase in δ49Ti within analytical uncertainties (~100‰), indicating incorporation of a negligible amount of live 49V, that is, formation after the decay of the majority of live 49V in the Si/S zone.
  • table S1. Carbon, N, Si, Al, K-Ca, and Ca-Ti isotopic compositions of two ungrouped SiC grains and one ungrouped graphite, KE3d-9 (38), separated from Murchison.

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