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Supplementary Materials

This PDF file includes:

  • fig. S1. Fabrication flow.    
  • fig. S2. Mechanical characterization of spin valves.    
  • fig. S3. Compliancy of a flexible spin valve to a hair.

  • fig. S4. Angle characterization setup.

  • fig. S5. Encapsulation experiments for a spin valve sensor.

  • fig. S6. Mechanical stability of the sensor layer stack upon bending.

  • fig. S7. Development of cracks in strongly curved devices.

  • fig. S8. Schematics of the setup used to measure the angle response of the sensor in a rotating magnetic field of a permanent magnet.

  • fig. S9. Surface quality characterization.

  • fig. S10. Thermal stability of the foils.  

  • fig. S11. Elongation of polymeric foil versus temperature.  
  • fig. S12. Temperature compensation of the sensor bridge.  
  • Legends for movies S1 to S8

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    • Movie S1 -

      Response of a spin valve upon bending.

    • Movie S2 -

      Reconstruction of the magnetic field angle using 2D sensor.

    • Movie S3 -

      Reconstruction of the magnetic field angle under irregular field excitation.

    • Movie S4 -

      Demonstrator 1: Virtual keypad applications.

    • Movie S5 -

      Demonstrator 2: Interactive light dimming by touchless manipulation.

    • Movie S6 -

      Stability of the sensor response submerged in aqueous and saline solution.

    • Movie S7 -

      Temperature stability of the novel ultrathin polyimide foils and a commercial foil.

    • Movie S8 -

      Temperature compensation of the bridge.