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  • section S1. Temperature dependence of the X-band EPR spectra
  • section S2. 17O NMR line shape modeling
  • section S3. Temperature dependence of the 17O NMR spectra
  • fig. S1. X-band EPR spectra of Cs4O6 for selected temperatures.
  • fig. S2. Structural phase transition in Cs4O6.
  • fig. S3. Time-dependent conductivity of a Cs4O6 pellet at 273 K.
  • fig. S4. Temperature dependence of the charge carrier mobility for Cs4O6.
  • fig. S5. Temperature dependence of the powder central transition 17O NMR spectra.
  • fig. S6. Line shape modeling of powder 17O NMR spectrum of isotopically enriched Cs4O6.
  • table S1. Results of the crystal structure refinements of Cs4O6 from PND data.
  • table S2. Interatomic distances (in Å) as obtained from the crystal structure refinements of Cs4O6 PND data at 2 K.
  • table S3. Results from DFT calculations.

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