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  • section S1. Comparison of the transport properties of SmB6 thin films and single-crystal bulk specimens
  • section S2. Magnetoresistance and Hall effect
  • section S3. Additional data on crystalline and chemical stoichiometry characterizations
  • section S4. SOT-induced switching of perpendicularly magnetized CoFeB
  • section S5. Current distribution in multilayer thin films
  • fig. S1. Resistance ratio as a function of sample thicknesses.
  • fig. S2. Magnetoresistance of SmB6 thin films.
  • fig. S3. Hall resistance of SmB6 thin films.
  • fig. S4. Additional XRD data of SmB6 thin films.
  • fig. S5. XPS spectrum of SmB6 thin films.
  • fig. S6. Additional SOT switching results of various temperatures.
  • fig. S7. A schematic diagram of the anomalous Hall voltage measurement under the presence of a nonmagnetic shunting layer.
  • fig. S8. Temperature dependence of resistance of SmB6 and CoFeB/W multilayers.
  • fig. S9. Sheet resistance of CoFeB/W multilayer as a function of W thicknesses.
  • References (43, 44)

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