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  • Supplementary Text
  • section S1. The omission of solids, redox-sensitive nonvolatile aqueous species, and ocean heterogeneity
  • section S2. Full results and Aspen Plus validation
  • section S3. Reactions associated with Precambrian disequilibria and their Gibbs energy contributions
  • section S4. Sensitivity of available Gibbs energy to difficult-to-observe variables
  • section S5. Abiotic CH4 formation from high-temperature processes
  • section S6. Atmospheric kinetics of methane destruction
  • fig. S1. Atmosphere-ocean disequilibrium in the Proterozoic (minimum disequilibrium scenario).
  • fig. S2. Atmosphere-ocean disequilibrium in the Archean (minimum disequilibrium scenario).
  • fig. S3. Relationship between methane fluxes and atmospheric abundances.
  • table S1. Proterozoic maximum disequilibrium.
  • table S2. Proterozoic minimum disequilibrium.
  • table S3. Proterozoic disequilibrium with 2% PAL of O2.
  • table S4. Archean maximum disequilibrium.
  • table S5. Archean minimum disequilibrium.
  • table S6. Reactions contributing to Proterozoic disequilibrium.
  • table S7. Reactions contributing to Archean disequilibrium.
  • table S8. Sensitivity of Archean disequilibrium to difficult-to-observe variables.
  • References (92–105)

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