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Supplementary Materials

This PDF file includes:

  • fig. S1. IL-7Rα mediates dynamic metabolic changes during B cell development.
  • fig. S2. mTORC1, but not mTORC2, is required for B cell development.
  • fig. S3. mTORC1 promotes B cell development independent of Stat5.
  • fig. S4. mTORC1 promotes Myc protein expression to support B cell development.
  • fig. S5. mTORC1-mediated transcriptional and translational programs in pro-B cells.
  • fig. S6. An mTORC1-Myc circuitry controls B cell malignancy.
  • fig. S7. Deficiency of PTEN or overactivation of PI3K blocks early B cell development.
  • fig. S8. Impaired differentiation and survival in PTEN-deficient pro-B cells.
  • fig. S9. Expression of Rag1 and Rag2 in Raptor- and PTEN-deficient B cells.
  • Legends for data S1 to S3

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Other Supplementary Material for this manuscript includes the following:

  • data S1 (Microsoft Excel format). Bioinformatics analysis of gene expression in developing B cell subsets.
  • data S2 (Microsoft Excel format). Whole proteome analysis of IL-7–stimulated pro-B cells.
  • data S3 (Microsoft Excel format). Whole proteome analysis of IL-7– and rapamycin-treated pro-B cells.

Files in this Data Supplement: