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Supplementary Materials

This PDF file includes:

  • Proof of Proposition 1
  • Conditional type II error bounds in NP-ROC bands
  • Empirical ROC curves versus NP-ROC bands in guiding users to choose classifiers to satisfy type I error control
  • Effects of majority voting on the type I and II errors of the ensemble classifier
  • table S1. Results of LR in Simulation S2.
  • table S2. Results of SVMs in Simulation S2.
  • table S3. Results of RFs in Simulation S2.
  • table S4. Results of NB in Simulation S2.
  • table S5. Results of LDA in Simulation S2.
  • table S6. Results of AdaBoost in Simulation S2.
  • table S7. Description of variables used in real data application 1.
  • table S8. The performance of the NP umbrella algorithm in real data application 2.
  • table S9. Input information of the nproc package (version 2.0.9).

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