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  • fig. S1. Available transgression or migration space under high SLR scenarios for the study sites.
  • fig. S2. Projections of future sea level used in the WARMER modeling for high, moderate, and low SLR scenarios, from the National Research Council (6).
  • fig. S3. 137Cs activity (in becquerel per kilogram) shown by depth with mean ± SE for sediment cores taken from sites in Southern California.
  • table S1. Core elevation (in centimeters; relative to MSL) and accretion rate (in millimeters per year) for soil cores used in WARMER modeling.
  • table S2. Sample size, mean elevation, and elevation range of real-time kinematic GPS (in meters; NAVD88) points collected at all study sites.
  • table S3. Equilibrium elevations from WARMER.
  • table S4. Elevation range of low, middle, and high marsh zones at each site.
  • table S5. List of sediment cores taken from California, with locations, elevations, and estimated sediment accretion rate from 137Cs dating.
  • table S6. WARMER model parameters for Pacific Northwest study sites.
  • table S7. WARMER parameters for California study sites.

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