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  • section S1. Details of experimental setups.
  • section S2. Dynamics of electron temperature.
  • section S3. Dynamics of the electron population at 1.6 eV.
  • section S4. Dynamics of exchange splitting.
  • section S5. Temperature dependence of exchange splitting in static ARPES.
  • section S6. Method for extracting TMOKE asymmetry dynamics from HHG spectra.
  • section S7. Momentum dependence of TMOKE measurements.
  • section S8. Transient electron and magnetic heat capacity.
  • section S9. Effects of electron-phonon coupling and heat diffusion on Eq. 1.
  • fig. S1. Experimental setup.
  • fig. S2. Electron temperature fitting.
  • fig. S3. Electron population dynamics.
  • fig. S4. Analysis of exchange splitting.
  • fig. S5. Global fitting of the exchange splitting dynamics.
  • fig. S6. Collapse of exchange splitting at the Curie temperature.
  • fig. S7. Momentum dependence of TMOKE measurements.
  • fig. S8. Electron and spin heat capacities.
  • fig. S9. Two-temperature model.
  • table S1. Material parameters used in TTM simulation.
  • References (43–50)

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