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This PDF file includes:

  • fig. S1. TEM image of a Ti3C2 MXene nanosheet on a perforated carbon grid.
  • fig. S2. Digital images of (left) bare glass, (middle) the result of LbL assembly using only MXene sheets (without PDAC solution), and (right) 10-layer-pair MXene/PDAC multilayer coating.
  • fig. S3. Adhesion testing with tape.
  • fig. S4. A cross-sectional SEM image of the MXene multilayer prepared by spray-assisted LbL assembly on glass.
  • fig. S5. AFM images of PDAC/MXene multilayers.
  • fig. S6. Thickness of the multilayers as a function of the number of layer pairs.
  • fig. S7. ATR-FTIR spectra of MXene, PDAC, and 20-layer-pair MXene multilayer coating.
  • fig. S8. XPS survey spectra of MXene, (PDAC/MXene)20 multilayer finished with MXene, and (PDAC/MXene)20.5 multilayer finished with PDAC.
  • fig. S9. XRD of MXene powder and multilayer.
  • fig. S12. Comparison of resistance drift in literature.
  • fig. S13. Images and normalized resistance of MXene multilayers on a variety of substrates.
  • fig. S14. SEM images of MXene multilayers after bending and stretching.
  • fig. S15. Geometric analysis of defects in bending.
  • fig. S16. Geometric analysis of defects in stretching.
  • fig. S17. A multilayer strain sensor.
  • fig. S18. Strain versus the angle at the index finger.
  • table S1. Atomic composition at the surface of cast MXene sheets, (PDAC/MXene)20 multilayer terminated with MXene, and (PDAC/MXene)20.5 multilayer terminated with PDAC from XPS survey spectra (fig. S8).
  • table S2. Characteristics of flexible MXene-based films or coatings.
  • table S3. Characteristics of reported bendable conductors.
  • table S4. Characteristics of reported stretchable conductors.
  • Legends for movies S1 to S10
  • References (29–61)

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Other Supplementary Material for this manuscript includes the following:

  • movie S1(.mov format). A nylon fiber coated with a MXene multilayer, showing conductive properties.
  • movie S2 (.mov format). An MXene multilayer on PET lights up a white LED under folding.
  • movie S3 (.mov format). Cyclic bending of a MXene multilayer on PET shows rapid and reversible response.
  • movie S4 (.mov format). An MXene multilayer on PET detects bending deformations.
  • movie S5 (.mov format). A kirigami MXene multilayer on PET detects stretching deformations.
  • movie S6 (.mov format). A kirigami pattern allows MXene multilayer–coated PET to be stretchable.
  • movie S7 (.mov format). An MXene multilayer on PDMS detects stretching deformations.
  • movie S8 (.mov format). An MXene multilayer on PDMS detects a twisting deformation.
  • movie S9 (.mov format). A patterned multilayer strain sensor detects various degrees of bending (0° to 40°) with rapid response.
  • movie S10 (.mov format). A topographic scanner was fabricated using a patterned MXene multilayer–coated PET film.

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