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  • text S1. Problems without considering bulk processes.
  • text S2. Warm conveyor belts (WCBs) and BaP transport in Gosan winter case.
  • table S1. Flow tube experiments of multiphase degradation of BaP with ozone.
  • table S2. Kinetic parameters used in the KM-SUB simulation for the ozonolysis of BaP to reproduce experiment results of the Zhou scheme.
  • table S3. Parameterization of multiphase degradation rate for the ozonolysis of BaP.
  • table S4. Comparisons of observed and predicted BaP concentrations in the regional WRF-Chem model and the global EMAC model.
  • fig. S1. Same as Fig. 2B but with three more sensitivity studies.
  • fig. S2. Multiphase degradation rate and chemical lifetime.
  • fig. S3. BaP concentrations and multiphase degradation rate.
  • fig. S4. Net meridional mass flux and vertical center of column mass for BaP in different cases.
  • fig. S5. BaP transport due to WCB and frontal activities associated with mid-latitude cyclones for the Gosan winter case.
  • fig. S6. A conceptual scheme for air pollution transport due to middle-latitude cyclone.
  • References (57–60)

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