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  • section S1. Phonon spectrum of Ta2NiSe5 and characterization of the 1-THz phonon
  • section S2.1. Amplitude behavior of the 1-THz mode at low excitation densities
  • section S2.2. Frequency shift of the 1-THz mode
  • section S3. Coherent phonon: The 3-THz mode
  • section S4. Polarization parallel to the chains
  • section S5. Coherent phonon oscillation of the 1-THz mode in Ta2NiS5
  • section S6. Excitation density dependence of the electronic amplitude
  • fig. S1.1. Linear Raman measurements at different analyzer settings.
  • fig. S1.2. Real-space representation of the 1-THz A1g phonon.
  • fig. S2.1. Amplitude of the 1-THz mode at low excitation densities.
  • fig. S2.2. Frequency of the phonon-coupled amplitude mode for all measurements discussed in the main text.
  • fig. S3. Properties of the 3-THz coherent phonon.
  • fig. S4. Properties parallel to the chains.
  • fig. S5. The 1-THz coherent phonon in Ta2NiS5.
  • fig. S6. Maximum of the electronic signal as a function of the excitation density at different temperatures.
  • table S1. Phonon spectrum of Ta2NiSe5 in the low-temperature phase at q = (0,0,0).

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