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  • fig. S1. AGC increases from regrowth to old-growth forest (mixed or monodominant).
  • fig. S2. Orthogonal polynomial regression between each aspect of taxonomic biodiversity at the α level and carbon stock for each group.
  • fig. S3. Relationships between compositional dissimilarity (Sørensen and Morisita-Horn indices) and difference in carbon stocks (in Mg ha−1) between plots.
  • table S1. Overview of the sampled groups.
  • table S2. Parameter estimates for orthogonal polynomial regression between each of three measures of taxonomic biodiversity at the α-level and carbon storage, separately for each organismal group.
  • table S3. For most groups, community composition differs more between forests with larger differences in carbon stock.
  • table S4. Compositional dissimilarity (Sørensen and Morisita-Horn) is unrelated to geographic distance between pairs of plots, except for trees based on Sørensen dissimilarity in old-growth forests.
  • table S5. Number of observed individuals and species in regrowth and old-growth forests for each organismal group.
  • References (61–67)

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