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  • section S1. Finite-time thermodynamics of a unitary Fermi gas in a timedependent anisotropic trap
  • section S2. Local counterdiabatic control of the finite-time thermodynamics of a unitary Fermi gas
  • section S3. Experiment methods
  • section S4. Expansion factor
  • section S5. Expansion and compression stroke
  • fig. S1. Experimental setup and procedure.
  • fig. S2. Determination of the cloud size ‹σz› obtained from the Gaussian fit of the density profile of the unitary Fermi gas for a time-of-flight ttof = 600 μs .
  • fig. S3. Evolution of the nonadiabatic factor Q*(t) for the expansion and compression strokes.
  • fig. S4. Mean work κ =‹W(t)›/‹H(0)› for both the expansion stroke and compression stroke.
  • fig. S5. Time evolution of the dimensionless factor κ for both the expansion and compression strokes, κ (‹Wexp(t)› − ‹Wcomp(tf−t)›)/‹H(0)›1−1.

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