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Supplementary Materials

This PDF file includes:

  • fig. S1. ML tree for ONE-i100.
  • fig. S2. Species tree for ONE-i100.
  • fig. S3. ML tree for ONE-p70.
  • fig. S4. Species tree for ONE-p70.
  • fig. S5. ML tree for TWO-i100.
  • fig. S6. Species tree for TWO-i100.
  • fig. S7. Species tree for TWO-p70 data set.
  • table S1. Sampling information and data processing results.
  • table S2. SH test results from the SH tests for monophyly of Prasinohaema.
  • table S3. Partial and full monophyly of Prasinohaema.
  • table S4. Model test results for the ONE-p70 and TWO-p70 data sets.
  • table S5. Results from marginal ancestral state reconstructions and stochastic character mapping using the ONE and TWO data set as input.
  • table S6. Results from stochastic mapping across gene trees and posterior trees.

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