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  • fig. S1. Crystal structure and surface morphology.
  • fig. S2. FMR resonance field and linewidth for all YIG films.
  • fig. S3. Effect of Pt on YIG resonance characteristics.
  • fig. S4. Comparison of FMR between YIG/TI and YIG/Pt.
  • fig. S5. Comparison of total effective anisotropy field and demagnetizing field.
  • fig. S6. High-resolution transmission electron microscope image of a representative YIG/TI sample.
  • fig. S7. TI surface state dispersion.
  • fig. S8. Direct transition of TI conduction electrons driven by spin pumping.
  • table S1. Two parameters (that is, 4πMeff and γ/2π) obtained from fitting.
  • References (32, 33)

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