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  • Supplementary Text
  • Derivation of Eq. 1 in the main text
  • Derivation of the analytical solution to the diffusion/activation equation in the main text
  • Derivations of all equations in main text
  • Derivation of SAD current, main text Eq. 5, and constant Θ
  • Derivation of max/initial faradaic current density inequality, Eq. 6 in the main text
  • General formulation of the DAT
  • Time constant for capacitive charging/discharging
  • Capacitive time constant is independent of contact area
  • Applied compressive forces and stresses by piezo actuator
  • SAD and liquid electrolyte battery systems
  • Plotting parameters
  • fig. S1. Current and charge evolution for SAD (experiment), non-stressed diffusion (Cottrell), and diffusion plus a driving force demonstrate distinctness of SAD.
  • fig. S2. Diffusion plus driving force current evolution and power law with γ < 0.5, both decay faster than diffusion-limited current (Cottrell).
  • fig. S3. Temporal evolution of active species concentration within electrolyte during SAD.
  • fig. S4. Evolution of ionic active species current density within electrolyte during SAD.
  • Reference (42)

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