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  • Supplementary Materials and methods
  • fig. S1. Distributions of vessel characteristics, high-seas fishing effort relative to total fishing effort, and nonlinear relationships between length, tonnage, and engine power.
  • fig. S2. Vessel encounters on the high seas (2016).
  • fig. S3. Fishing effort by gear type.
  • fig. S4. Effort versus catch.
  • table S1. High-seas fishing fleets and effort by country (2016).
  • table S2. High-seas fishing fleets and fishing effort by gear type.
  • table S3. AIS coverage of high-seas fleet and scale factors by country, Regional Fisheries Management Organization, gear type, and vessel size in 2016.
  • table S4. Average labor costs per day by country, gear type, and vessel size class.
  • table S5. High-seas costs, catch, revenue, subsidies, and profits by country.
  • table S6. High-seas fishing costs by reefers and bunker vessels per flag state.
  • table S7. Summary of high-seas economics by country, gear type, and FAO region (scaled results).
  • References (51–55)

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