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Supplementary Materials

This PDF file includes:

  • fig. S1. Vimentin assembly: IF formation follows a complex and hierarchical scheme.
  • fig. S2. Comparison of calculated (two-state model) stretching and relaxation curves for different values of the persistence lengths LP (color-coded; see legend).
  • fig. S3. Sketch of the equivalent circuit diagram used for setting up the MC simulations.
  • fig. S4. Step size analysis of FC data sets.
  • fig. S5. Step size analysis of data sets with filaments covalently bond to beads via malemide chemistry.
  • fig. S6. Step size analysis of relaxation data sets.
  • fig. S7. Vimentin relaxation experiments starting from different forces.
  • fig. S8. Data corresponding to the cycle shown in movie S1.
  • fig. S9. Quality control of labeled, assembled vimentin filaments.
  • fig. S10. Simulations, cycles, and comparison for different numbers of monomers per ULF.
  • Legend for movie S1
  • Reference (45)

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Other Supplementary Material for this manuscript includes the following:

  • movie S1 (.avi format). Epifluorescence video of an example stretching cycle of a single vimentin filament.
  • data file S1 (.ipynb format). Jupyter Notebook for MC simulations.

Files in this Data Supplement: