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  • fig. S1. The output and transfer characteristics of a typical all n-type polymer (P-90)–based OECT.
  • fig. S2. Transfer curves of the OECT in the absence and presence of the enzymatic reaction.
  • fig. S3. Calibration curve relating the NR of the device to a range of lactate concentrations.
  • fig. S4. QCM-D response of the P-90–coated sensor immersed in PBS.
  • fig. S5. AFM topography images of the P-90 film coated on Au substrate.
  • fig. S6. The CV curve of the P-90 film before and after addition of the enzyme into the PBS solution and a scheme of bioelectrocatalytic reactions.
  • fig. S7. The effect of pH on the CV curve of the P-90 film.
  • fig. S8. The changes in the absorbance spectrum of the P-90 film during the electrochemical switch.
  • fig. S9. The effect of air on the reaction of lactate with LOx-functionalized P-90.
  • fig. S10. Sensitivity of the device to lactate and when operated under different biasing conditions at the channel and the gate.

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