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  • This PDF file includes:
    • Fig. S1. Averaged ROSINA DFMS mass spectra containing the major krypton isotopes.
    • Fig. S2. Observation geometry for the noble gas observations in May 2016.
    • Fig. S3. Observation geometry before perihelion in May 2015 and early June 2015 used to derive the N2/H2O ratio.
    • Fig. S4. N2 versus H2O abundances for before perihelion in May 2015 and early June 2015.
    • Fig. S5. Mix of exotic X-Xe with normal N-Xe compared to 67P/C-G xenon.
    • Table S1. Krypton average counts per spectrum (~20-s integration time) including errors and below the associated isotopic ratios with respect to 84Kr with errors for the three periods.
    • Table S2. Ratio of 36Ar to total argon, 84Kr to total krypton, and 132Xe to total xenon.
    • Table S3. Bulk abundances of noble gases in the coma of comet 67P/C-G.
    • Table S4. Measured mass/charge ratios in the dedicated noble gas mode.

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