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  • This PDF file includes:
    • Section S1. Scenario descriptions
    • Section S2. Calculation methods
    • Section S3. Data sources
    • Fig. S1. The total abatement cost curve of different GHG mitigation processes for landfills.
    • Fig. S2. The seven regions of China.
    • Fig. S3. The graphic list of the typical landfills in 30 provinces.
    • Table S1. The summary of the policy, mitigation, and market prices in three scenarios.
    • Table S2. Waste compositions in seven regions of China.
    • Table S3. The wet-based ratios of degradable organic carbon in different components of MSWs.
    • Table S4. Key parameters in the FOD model.
    • Table S5. The mitigation costs, potentials, and efficiency for the different treatment processes.
    • Table S6. The application potentials of different mitigation processes.
    • References ( 3338)

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