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    • Supplementary Materials and Methods
    • Fig. S1. Optical image and corresponding Raman spectrum of graphene film on SiO2/Si substrate.
    • Fig. S2. HRTEM image of graphene substrate.
    • Fig. S3. Thickness analysis of as-grown GDY on graphene through a solution-phase vdW epitaxial strategy.
    • Fig. S4. The transfer process of the as-prepared GDY/graphene film from SiO2/Si substrate to copper grid.
    • Fig. S5. Scanning TEM image and energy-dispersive x-ray spectroscopy elemental mapping images of C, O, and Si for GDY/graphene.
    • Fig. S6. GDY models with AA, AB, and ABC stacking modes and corresponding simulated SAED patterns of the stacking models.
    • Fig. S7. Calculated optimal binding energy of AA-, AB-, and ABC-stacked GDY structural models.
    • Fig. S8. As-grown GDY/graphene vdW heterostructure at high resolution.
    • Fig. S9. Monochromated core-loss EELS spectra of GDY/graphene film collected under the (low-loss and core-loss) dual EELS mode.
    • Fig. S10. Raman spectrum of GDY grown on h-BN substrate.
    • Fig. S11. Hybrid functional HSE06 predicted band structures and band gaps (Eg) for monolayer, bilayer, and trilayer GDY.
    • Fig. S12. Typical Raman spectra of GDY grown on graphene (red) with a reference blank graphene on SiO2/Si substrate (black) and the calculated Raman spectra ( 29) of GDY (blue).
    • Fig. S13. Raman spectrum and corresponding vibrational modes of GDY.
    • Fig. S14. Raman spectra of HEB monomer (blue), TMS-HEB monomer (black), and GDY (red).
    • Fig. S15. In situ Raman spectroscopy to detect the change of the Y′ peak in GDY, which is a Raman-active peak from the stretching of C≡C triple bonds.
    • Fig. S16. The intensity of typical Y′ (2189.0 cm−1) peak as a function of reaction time, using the peak (520.7 cm−1) from Si substrate for intensity normalization.
    • Fig. S17. Raman spectra taken from the same sample after being stored in air for several days.
    • Fig. S18. Theoretical simulations of adsorption behavior of HEB on graphene.
    • Fig. S19. Detailed structures and relative energy of I to VI and TS.
    • Fig. S20. NH3 detection at room temperature and atmospheric pressure.
    • Fig. S21. Evaluation of the electrical property of the as-synthesized GDY.
    • Fig. S22. OM images of the device in fig. S20.
    • Fig. S23. The optical layout of the polarized Raman measurement.
    • References (3440)

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