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Supplementary Materials

This PDF file includes:

  • Table S1. Prior parameter value ranges.
  • Table S2. MsTMIP models in this study (BG1 simulations).
  • Fig. S1. Comparison between simulated NEE and observed ΔCO2.
  • Fig. S2. Comparison of net primary productivity and heterotrophic respiration between optimized model and MsTMIP terrestrial biosphere models.
  • Fig. S3. Posterior probability distribution of the ratio of effective Q10 temperature sensitivity parameters p2 (NPP) and p4 (Rhet) see Materials and Methods (Retrieved residence time change and temperature sensitivities) and table S1 for details.
  • Fig. S4. Relationships between ΔCO2 and soil temperature (0 to 40 cm).
  • Fig. S5. Lagged (0 to 3 months) relationships between summertime vegetation greenness and autumn ΔCO2.
  • References (42, 43)

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