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  • Supplementary Methods
  • Table S1. Life table for SBT, using age at maturity α = 8 and maximum age ω = 30.
  • Table S2. Illustration of how to calculate effects of variation in fecundity at age on ϕx (the ratio of variance to mean reproductive success in 1 year for individuals of age x).
  • Table S3. Estimates of effective size in SBT.
  • Table S4. Microsatellite loci used in the analyses reported here.
  • Fig. S1. Demographic estimates of the Ne/N ratio for SBT as a function of ϕx = Vk(x)/bx, which is the ratio of the variance to the mean reproductive success in one time period for individuals of age x.
  • Fig. S2. Distribution of missing loci across individuals.
  • Fig. S3. Evaluation of evidence for physical linkage.
  • Fig. S4. Distribution of statistics related to physical linkage for randomized data.
  • References (4148)

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