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  • Fig. S1. Summary of LFP and multiple single-neuron recording sites in BF.
  • Fig. S2. Theta, beta, gamma, and hi-gamma frequencies are observed across multiple recording days and animals.
  • Fig. S3. Average wavelet transform of LFPs during selective attention task.
  • Fig. S4. Firing rate/LFP correlation control.
  • Fig. S5. Cross-correlogram offsets for simultaneously recorded neuron pairs correlate with distance between task epochs associated with maximal firing.
  • Fig. S6. BF neuron theta phase precession relative to task epoch, time, and space.
  • Table S1. Phase-locking strengths do not correlate with burstiness or firing rate.
  • Table S2. Phase-locking resultants do not correlate with task phase–specific firing or power/rate correlations.

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