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  • Fig. S1. Design of photonic crystal cavity in an FDTD simulation.
  • Fig. S2. Resonance mode profile.
  • Fig. S3. Broadband transmission spectrum of bowtie photonic crystal cavity shown in Fig. 3D.
  • Fig. S4. SEM image and transmission of the bowtie photonic crystal cavity characterized by NSOM.
  • Fig. S5. Position-dependent electric energy distribution in the central cavity unit cell of the silicon bowtie photonic crystal.
  • Table S1. Calculated mode volume (Vm) and measured quality factor (Q) of different photonic crystal (PhC) cavities including the bowtie photonic crystal cavity presented in this work.
  • Table S2. NSOM-measured mode sizes of plasmonic structures in comparison to dielectric bowtie photonic crystal reported in this work.

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