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  • Section S1. Cross-sectional evidence in the United States
  • Section S2. Banking deregulation in U.S. states
  • Section S3. German SOEP
  • Section S4. Laboratory experiment
  • Section S5. Experimental instructions
  • Section S6. A simple model where competition affects effort provision
  • Section S7. Experimental instructions for noncompetitive sessions (English translation)
  • Section S8. Experimental instructions for competitive sessions (English translation)
  • Table S1. Summary statistics: Cross-sectional data.
  • Table S2. Summary statistics for extended workplace variables.
  • Table S3. Sectoral concentration and trust (GSS workplace module data).
  • Table S4. Effects of sectoral concentration on trust—Interactions with experience (GSS workplace module data).
  • Table S5. Summary statistics—Banking regulation/GSS data.
  • Table S6. Effect of banking deregulation on trust (banking deregulation/GSS data).
  • Table S7. Effects of oil reserve value (banking deregulation/GSS data).
  • Table S8. Effect of changing industry of employment on changes in trust (German SOEP).
  • Table S9. Effect of competition in experimental sample.
  • Table S10. First stage: Effect of partners’ and competitors’ first period contributions (laboratory experiment).
  • Table S11. Learning from other players in the experiment.
  • Table S12. Effect of experimental experience on trust.
  • Fig. S1. Falsification test—Changes in competition uncorrelated with previous trends in trust.
  • Fig. S2. Falsification test—Changes in competition uncorrelated with changes in income.
  • Fig. S3. Distribution of answers to trust question in experimental sample.
  • Fig. S4. Distribution of answers to trust question in experimental sample—Cumulative distribution.
  • Fig. S5. Histogram of contributions in experiment by period.
  • Fig. S6. Distribution of trends in contributions.
  • Fig. S7. Experimental instructions (noncompetitive sessions).
  • Fig. S8. Experimental instructions (competitive sessions).
  • References (3039)

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