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  • Fig. S1. Cryo-EM micrographs of CVA10 particles and CVA10-2G8 complexes, and 3D classification of CVA10 mature virion particles.
  • Fig. S2. Structure comparisons of A-particles of CVA10, EV71, CVA16, and CVA6.
  • Fig. S3. Global and local resolution analyses of 3D reconstructions of CVA10 particles and CVA10-2G8 complexes.
  • Fig. S4. Central sections of density maps of CVA10 particles and CVA10-2G8 complexes.
  • Fig. S5. ESPript representation of structure-based sequence alignments of VP1, VP2, VP3, and VP4 of CVA10 with six other representative picornaviruses.
  • Fig. S6. Structure comparisons of the canyon regions between CVA10 and other enteroviruses.
  • Fig. S7. The cryo-EM density maps of CVA10-2G8 complexes and roadmap of six Fab 2G8 footprints on the CVA10 mature virion capsid.
  • Table S1. Regions with unidentifiable residues in atomic models.
  • Table S2. Structure comparisons (RMSD) of CVA10 particles and CVA10 to other enteroviruses.
  • Table S3. Interaction contacts in the immune complex CVA10-M-2G8.

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