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  • Table S1. Screening of different supports, substrates, solvents, conditions, and temperatures of pyrolysis.
  • Table S2. Solvent screening for the hydrogenation of 1-octene.
  • Table S3. Content of C, H, N, and Co before and after pyrolysis.
  • Table S4. Leached metal content in different reaction media detected by AAS.
  • Scheme S1. Plot of conversions (top) and yields (bottom) against time in different solvent conditions of Co@Chitosan-700.
  • Fig. S1. Recycling of Co@Chitosan-700.
  • Fig. S2. High-resolution (HR)–STEM images of Co@Chitosan-700.
  • Fig. S3. EELS and energy-dispersive x-ray spectroscopy (EDXS) elemental distributions of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and cobalt, along with the overlay put onto the annular dark-field (ADF) survey image of Co@Chitosan-700.
  • Fig. S4. ADF survey image, EELS, and EDX spectra of fresh Co@Chitosan-700.
  • Fig. S5. HR-STEM images of nine-times-used Co@Chitosan-700.
  • Fig. S6. ADF survey image, EELS, and EDX spectra of recycled Co@Chitosan-700.
  • Fig. S7. EELS and EDXS elemental maps of carbon, oxygen, and cobalt, and the overlay on the corresponding ADF survey image of nine-times-used Co@Chitosan-700.
  • Fig. S8. Comparison of O-K edge from Co oxide particles of fresh and nine-times-used Co@Chitosan-700 showing the difference in edge fine structure.
  • Fig S9. Powder pattern of fresh Co@Chitosan-700.
  • Fig. S10. Powder pattern of nine-times-used Co@Chitosan-700.

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