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  • Section S1. Field site and instrumentation
  • Section S2. Methods
  • Table S1. Data coverage of individual instruments during the FINNARP 2014 campaign.
  • Table S2. Sulfuric acid concentration, condensation sink, particle growth rates, and particle formation rates for 3-nm (J3) and 1.5-nm (J1.5) particles determined for NPF events using different methods.
  • Fig. S1. Overview of the FINNARP 2014 campaign at Aboa, Antarctica (no flagged data).
  • Fig. S2. NPF days.
  • Fig. S3. No NPF days.
  • Fig. S4. Negative ion composition measured by the APi-TOF.
  • Fig. S5. APi-TOF (positive ions) mass defect plot during the observed NPF event on 18 January at Aboa.
  • Fig. S6. NAIS size distribution of negative (top) and positive (bottom) ions during the NPF event day when chemical composition of ion was measured in the positive polarity (fig. S5).
  • Fig. S7. Number concentrations of 1.5- to 3-nm particles during 1 week of the measurement period (4 to 10 January 2015).
  • Fig. S8. The size distribution of 2- to 42-nm particles (top), 0.8- to 42-nm negative (second) and positive (third) ions measured with the NAIS, and the sum of particle concentration measured with the PSM 1.5 to 3 (±0.2) nm; bottom during the measurement campaign.
  • References (2638)

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